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What is your focus?

It’s hard today to not be side tracked by all of the glitz and glamor of the world. Everyday we are told that we need to make more money, get the latest phone and buy the biggest house that we…

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When to Share the Gospel

There really is no place on Earth that I wouldn’t give the Gospel to someone. As a Christian, I have the greatest news in the world! Being a pastor puts me around people on a daily basis. There…

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10 Easy Ways to Share the Gospel

Sharing the Gospel can sometimes be a daunting task even if you have been a believer for many years. Yet, there are many ways that we can share the Gospel without ever meeting the individual. As a…

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Why do I Witness?

In Luke 6:46, Jesus asks a very direct and convicting question.  If He really is our Lord then why are we not obedient to Him? People ask, “Why do you make such a big deal about witnessing?” The…

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