Letter from Pastor Dave Teis

Has your life changed a little bit from just a week ago?  Last week we were making plans for spring break, enjoying the nice weather and meeting together for fellowship at #LibertyChurch.   

Even though all that has now changed, one thing has not changed: we are the church!    

We are a called-out group of people who meet together for the purpose of encouraging each other through preaching, prayer, discipleship, and giving.     

We have spent countless hours working on a four-fold plan that will allow us to be the church He has called us to be while caring for others who may be hurting from this epidemic.   

✅  Daily Updates  Each day at 12:00 pm, Pastor Teis will give a brief live update on KVXL 101.1 FM.  These updates will then be emailed and posted on social media to share how our church is impacting the community, as well as an encouraging thought. Why?  Because we are the church!  

✅ Operation Care  Are you 65+ and having a difficult time getting some of the essentials you need from the grocery store? Pastor Neal has collaborated with a group of young people that are on a mission to help our senior saints get the groceries they need and getting their prescriptions filled.  Why?  Because we are the church!   

✅Encouraging Word Each day, members of #LibertyChurch as well as our missionaries from around the world will be sharing encouraging devotional thoughts on our social media.  Why? Because we are the church!  

✅Assemble Together  Since we are unable to meet at our regular location, we will be hosting full services online during our regularly scheduled hours: Sunday and Wednesday through experienceliberty.com, in English and Spanish, and all social media platforms. Why?  Because we are the church!   

We are going to get through this time together as a church family!  You can help by letting us know if you’re available to join the crew searching for groceries, or if you’re on the receiving end, let us know what you’re in need of.  If you’d like to share a devotional thought through our “encouraging word” devotionals just comment below or send us a DM.   

God is allowing this in our lives for a purpose, and through it we can grow closer to Him, because we are the church!   

You will be able to find the majority of these videos and updates on our social media pages.

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